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Justice Systems' User Conference Joins PowerUp 2018
21 June 2018
This fall, we are pleased that our Justice Systems User Conference will join with Ontario Systems in PowerUp, and are excited to announce that registration for PowerUp 2018 is now live!

PowerUp 2018
Marriott Indianapolis Downtown
October 15 – 17, 2018

The three-day conference will offer some exciting new opportunities, including dynamic keynote speakers and networking events, as well as more information on the merger of Justice Systems and Ontario Systems. You’ll have a chance to meet with OS CEO Ron Fauquher and VP and GM of State and Local Government Business Unit Jay Moorman, along with Ernie and other company leaders, to learn about how the court case management and electronic payments capabilities you’ve come to rely on can tie together with the receivables workflow and payment follow-up automation from Ontario Systems and can help you move your court management operation forward.

Familiar to you, just as you have experienced with past Justice Systems conferences, you’ll be able to build your training schedule when you register, choosing from more than 10 breakout sessions that meet your specific needs.

Please visit the PowerUp website and check out the new opportunities that await you in Indianapolis. From the home page, you will have the option to click the “I am a Justice Systems Customer” button and go directly to a special welcome from Ron, along with the JSI agenda and registration path.

We will continue to add more details to the site in the coming weeks, and we look forward to seeing you at PowerUp in October!

Ontario Systems Acquires Justice Systems to Expand Enterprise Workflow and Payments Solutions to Government Sector
MUNCIE, Ind. (02 May 2018)
Ontario Systems, a leading provider of enterprise revenue cycle management software to the healthcare, accounts receivable management, and government markets, announced today that it has acquired Justice Systems, Inc., a leading provider of court case management software, and electronic payments solutions to government clients including state and municipal court systems.

Ontario Systems and Justice Systems are leading players in the growing government software sector, both with over 35-year histories of providing trusted solutions to their clients. The acquisition reflects Ontario's continuing commitment to accelerating its strong growth trajectory in the attractive government marketplace.

"This alignment is about growth and seizing a strong market opportunity where we feel we can offer an enhanced solution," says Ron Fauquher, Ontario Systems CEO. "Combining our people, products, and market strategies provides tremendous benefits to the markets we jointly and uniquely serve."

The merger marries JSI's court case management and electronic payments capabilities with the receivables workflow and payment follow-up automation of Ontario Systems, creating a closed loop payment and enterprise workflow solution for state and local court systems, including prosecutors and public defender offices.

"Our product and market strategies are complementary in important ways," says Jay Moorman, Ontario Systems Vice President and General Manager of the SLG business unit. "By blending products that focus on different parts of the court case workflow and payment processing spectrum, we are providing a collaborative solution where this market currently has a gap."

Moorman says the merger is expected to provide the market a more effective solution. "The acquisition creates a more complete solution to government entities challenged by budgets and complexity. Improved workflow and integrated tools facilitate service to constituents while helping to manage costs," he said.

"This partnership represents an exciting opportunity, not only for our customers in the state and local government market, but for the OS and JSI organizations," says Ernie Sego, Co-founder and CEO/President of Justice Systems. "Joining forces with a company who shares our philosophy where people and customers come first was my top priority and we found that with Ontario Systems. By combining products, talent, innovation and strategy, we take steps forward as an organization that presents new opportunities to our teams and our industry."

About Ontario Systems
Ontario Systems is a leading provider of enterprise revenue cycle management software to the healthcare, accounts receivable management, and government markets. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Muncie, Ind., Ontario Systems offers a full portfolio of leading software platforms, including Artiva RM™, Artiva HCx™, Contact Savvy®, and RevQ®. Ontario Systems' industry-leading customers include 5 of the 15 largest hospital networks who actively manage over $40 billion in receivables collectively, as well as 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies and more than a hundred federal, state and municipal government clients in the U.S. To learn more about Ontario Systems, visit OntarioSystems.com, or email info@ontariosystems.com.

About Justice Systems
Justice Systems, Inc. (JSI) is a leading provider of court case management, prosecutor and public defender case management, and electronic payments software to state and municipal court systems. JSI's key products include FullCourt Enterprise®, FullCase®;, and CitePayUSA. Founded in 1982 as National Equipment Corporation by brothers Bill and Ernie Sego, JSI today serves 500+ unique courts and judiciary offices. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, JSI's associates have deep domain-expertise in nearly all specialties of court case management and judiciary operations.

To learn more about JSI's full product offerings, please visit http://www.justicesystems.com/justice-systems-products.php.


FullCourt Enterprise 7.1 Supports Centralized Statewide Hosting
10 October 2017
With FullCourt Enterprise 7.1, Justice Systems announces support for centralized statewide deployments using a multi-tenant solution. A single, centralized application can now host all statewide Courts for simplified management, while maintaining secure access and data isolation of each Court’s data. This new centralized, multi-tenant deployment solution provides many benefits:

  • Simplified Management
  • Secure Access
  • Browser-Based User Interface
  • Centralized, Standard Setup
  • Statewide E-Payment Integration
  • Statewide E-Filing Integration
  • Centralized Data Exchanges
  • Statewide Data Warehouse
  • Active Directory Integration
  • High Availability/Recovery

Contact us today to find out more.

FullCourt Enterprise 7.0 Released
31 May 2017
The new version 7.0 release of FullCourt Enterprise is now available. This release contains many new features and changes, including the following: Advanced Work Queue Automation, Google Analytics, Citation Image Import, Batch and Auto Document Indexing, New Multiple User Sessions, Point-of-Sale Refunds, Increased Paging, Enhanced Agreements to Pay, and so much more. Justice Systems has been a primary supplier of case management solutions for 35 years. Contact us today to find out more.


e-Courts e-Gnite Session: Justice Systems
The Future of Online Case Resolution
by Ernie Sego, President/CEO


FullCourt Enterprise 6.0 Released
17 August 2015
The FullCourt Enterprise 6.0 release contains numerous new features and changes, and addresses numerous customer issues. Key features and changes include: Browser-based Imaging Module, new Merge Codes, Case Minutes enhancements, Finding Fee Group Enhancements, Filing Fee Waiver Tracking, new Search Warrant and Warrant Searching functionality, Ad Hoc Reporting, ROA Search across cases, improved Hearing Continuance Tracking, and a whole lot more.


FullCourt Enterprise 5.0 Released
21 May 2013
The FullCourt Enterprise 5.0 release contains numerous new features and changes, and addresses numerous customer issues. Key features and changes include: Unclaimed Property, User Dashboard, Support for a Hosted (SaaS) Model, Enhanced performance of Courtroom Processing and Plea Negotiation using HTML5, Ad Hoc Reporting, Case/Party Timeline, Warrant Export, New Application Events for Plea Type, Work Queues, Multiple Browser Sessions, CourTools Performance Measures, Improved Session Expiration, and a whole lot more.