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FullCourt Enterprise 7.1 Supports Centralized Statewide Hosting
10 October 2017
With FullCourt Enterprise 7.1, Justice Systems announces support for centralized statewide deployments using a multi-tenant solution. A single, centralized application can now host all statewide Courts for simplified management, while maintaining secure access and data isolation of each Court’s data. This new centralized, multi-tenant deployment solution provides many benefits:

  • Simplified Management
  • Secure Access
  • Browser-Based User Interface
  • Centralized, Standard Setup
  • Statewide E-Payment Integration
  • Statewide E-Filing Integration
  • Centralized Data Exchanges
  • Statewide Data Warehouse
  • Active Directory Integration
  • High Availability/Recovery

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FullCourt Enterprise 7.0 Released
31 May 2017
The new version 7.0 release of FullCourt Enterprise is now available. This release contains many new features and changes, including the following: Advanced Work Queue Automation, Google Analytics, Citation Image Import, Batch and Auto Document Indexing, New Multiple User Sessions, Point-of-Sale Refunds, Increased Paging, Enhanced Agreements to Pay, and so much more. Justice Systems has been a primary supplier of case management solutions for 35 years. Contact us today to find out more.


e-Courts e-Gnite Session: Justice Systems
The Future of Online Case Resolution
by Ernie Sego, President/CEO


FullCourt Enterprise 6.0 Released
17 August 2015
The FullCourt Enterprise 6.0 release contains numerous new features and changes, and addresses numerous customer issues. Key features and changes include: Browser-based Imaging Module, new Merge Codes, Case Minutes enhancements, Finding Fee Group Enhancements, Filing Fee Waiver Tracking, new Search Warrant and Warrant Searching functionality, Ad Hoc Reporting, ROA Search across cases, improved Hearing Continuance Tracking, and a whole lot more.


FullCourt Enterprise 5.0 Released
21 May 2013
The FullCourt Enterprise 5.0 release contains numerous new features and changes, and addresses numerous customer issues. Key features and changes include: Unclaimed Property, User Dashboard, Support for a Hosted (SaaS) Model, Enhanced performance of Courtroom Processing and Plea Negotiation using HTML5, Ad Hoc Reporting, Case/Party Timeline, Warrant Export, New Application Events for Plea Type, Work Queues, Multiple Browser Sessions, CourTools Performance Measures, Improved Session Expiration, and a whole lot more.