CitePay USA™

Convenient, efficient and secure management of online payments

Complete Payment Processing Online

For courts today, offering constituents the ability to pay fines and fees through online payment tools lowers your burden of collecting and processing payments, and increases revenue recovery. With the CitePay USA™ solution, you can easily and conveniently accept and manage payments online — saving your team time and resources while helping you maintain legal compliance.

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What Can CitePay USA Do for You?

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A Full-time Digital Clerk

Resolve cases more quickly, securely, and accurately with the help of online payment processing. The CitePay USA solution streamlines fee management and collection by receiving initial phone calls, dealing with payment questions, and handling disputes as it completes transactions and deposits funds in your account.

Our solution fully integrates with FullCourt Enterprise™ for automatic updates when online payments are collected.

Features and Benefits

  • Tight integration with FullCourt Enterprise
  • Sophisticated encryption and security
  • Complete payment processing and transaction services
  • Reliable fund transfers
  • Powerful management and reporting capabilities
  • Nearly instantaneous transaction updates in FullCourt Enterprise