Case management technology designed specifically for attorneys

The  Right Case Management Solution for Attorneys

Prosecutor and public defender offices are inundated with a wide range of daily tasks, including reviewing reports, appearing at court proceedings, notifying and caring for the interests of their defendants and victims, and reporting to local, state and federal agencies. With so many intricate details to manage, it is imperative to have a case management system that automates and simplifies repetitive tasks and maximizes the productivity of your staff.

Designed specifically with the needs of attorneys in mind, the FullCase® software solution solves your toughest case management challenges and no matter your size, is flexible enough to adapt to your office’s requirements.

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What Can FullCase Do for You?

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Automated Case Management

The powerful FullCase software solution is designed for legal offices large and small — from county prosecutors to district attorneys. The solution automates the mundane tasks of case management, and is built with a powerful back-end infrastructure, an intuitive browser-based interface, and modular tools and applications. The FullCase software solution helps your office do more with the resources you have. Best of all, it offers flexible solutions that complement the way you already work.

The FullCase solution comes complete with initial configuration, deployment, consulting and training services, technical support and help desk capabilities. Learn more about our services and see how this solution can integrate with your local court’s FullCourt Enterprise system.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete and unified case management
  • Automated document production and management
  • Research management and storage
  • Scheduling and calendaring with conflict resolution
  • Full-party search capabilities
  • Warrant and subpoena creation and distribution
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Full exhibit tracking
  • Bad check processing
  • PDA integration
  • Integration with FullCourt